desert_in_bloomI wrote this poem re celibacy after my parents passed away. It is written to be performed but, hey, I’m sure it can bear just to be read! Alison Moore.

(Alison Moore lives in the UK and has been a committed Christian celibate since 2006.)


 When I take you to the desert place

And lay you bare

Of every comfort and imagination.


When I call you out amidst

The thorns and stings

Of life’s most bleak foundation.


And, sighing over you;

The wind’s sharp breath

Weeps full around again

With long forgotten consternation.


Then I will meet you there:

Across the deeps of loss, and anger,

And exasperation.


And I will bring to you

A desert bloom

Love’s one simple consolation.

So beautiful, so sleek, so perfect

In it’s giving


That – your heart will stir again

And long once more

For life’s beloved conversation.


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