Ruth 1Ruth Williams has been a Christian for over 40 years and a celibate for most of them. She is convinced that the spirit of adventure is not dependent upon age and is determined that she is going to enjoy an Indian Summer NOT a Winter of Discontent during her later years!

Ruth writes of an adventure she has enjoyed recently.

I decided to celebrate the dawn of my sixties by climbing a mountain to watch the sun set on my fifties and dawn on my sixties. I also felt that the dawn would be a prophetic symbol of the years to come.

Being born at 12:20am on 22 June meant I was born on the shortest night of the year. So on Friday, 21 June, I and eight of my friends (who did not know each other) set off to climb Carnedd Llewellyn, one of the highest mountains in Wales. 

The day was overcast with heavy rainclouds and the mountain range we were heading for could not be seen. The winds were strong and, as we gained height, it was a struggle to keep  anything secure which was not firmly attached to our rucksacks or our feet steadily in the direction Ruth 2we wanted them to go. I even wondered if I wouldn’t enjoy what God had to show me in the dawn.

 We slept (or attempted to sleep) the night on the ridge of the Carneddua mountain range, finding some shelter on Foel Grach. It was not possible to erect any sort of shelter so the night was spent in survival bags with survival blankets. We decided that once we had reached here, we would not go on to Carnedd Llewellyn as planned but return by a safer route.  

‘Stay Calm and Enjoy the Adventure’ became more and more the motto for the event. So far we had all been pushed out of our comfort zones into new experiences and were enjoying the friendships being formed.

I woke at the crack of dawn. It was amazing. We were all up and packed in five minutes and on the way back to base with the prospect of warmth, shelter from the wind and a cooked breakfast. Then it happened: the most memorable experience I have ever had – apart from becoming a Christian, being baptised in the Holy Spirit and choosing celibacy – the dawn!  Cameras were pulled out but they could not truly capture it.   

Ruth 3God was speaking to me about the future: ‘While the body gives silver hair the Spirit of Adventure would give golden years’.

 An hour before reaching base, the heavens opened and all ideas of a cooked breakfast were gone. We drove to the nearest fast food place to change into dry clothes and a morning cuppa before heading back to our midland homes and the continuing adventure of holy living.

As night fell, at the end of a rainy Saturday (my 60th birthday), there was a rainbow in the sky: God’s promise of a glorious dawn.

I would say this, ‘Whatever your age, grab your adventure with God, He only wants your good.’

Birthday girl!

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janeager · 12/09/2013 at 13:25

Sounds wonderful!

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