man-exploring-desertHere’s a poem that was sent in to Undivided blog some time ago. I like it because it’s a very personal poem. I like it because it carries you on a journey of feeling some of what the poet has felt.

I also like it because, although it homes in on various ‘gifts’, exploring the wonder and joy they can bring, it doesn’t shy away from the pain that these gifts can bring too. That’s what I thought when I read it, anyway. See what you think.


The gift of unattachment
free to travel light
Walk the paths of silver dawn
or watch in secret night

The gift of bearing burdens
because my hands are free
And joining many brethren
in community

The gift of being no one
misunderstood and strange
But uncovering mysteries
that bring pure joy or pain

The gift of exploration
of love and union
Denied exclusive bonding
to bond with everyone

The gift of lonely suffering
for every man’s alone
Articulate existence
by making this one known

The gift of separation
a stranger in the world
God’s adopted offspring
his grateful needy child

The gift of free surrender
to love and work and sigh
Pilgrim to the new age
and always choosing life


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