two handsCelibacy has been to me like the best tasting wine that increases its flavour with age. I have no regrets at beginning my journey so young – starting it when I was just 21. Of course it hasn’t always been easy, very painful at times, but my frailty and human weakness have been no match for God’s faithful love and kindness.

Celibates need to be at heart, mothers and fathers – forget ‘your’ ministry, the action, pioneering, all the things you want to do for God. If primarily we don’t get our hands dirty and become mothers and fathers who can love and nurture our next generations then we’ll lose sight of our precious calling, live only for our own gain and many souls will be lost.

I wrote the following in 2011. A few days before I wrote this someone had said to me that they felt I “belonged to the people” and the words struck a chord deep inside my gut when they said it. It was a reminder again of the very heart of my call as a celibate. I knew I had to express something of what the words meant to me.

Belonging to the people
Body, life and soul to them
Given and poured out as a soothing balm
Bringing healing through His precious name

So many forgotten, lonely people
Who will bring joy to their hearts?
Who will show them something can change
That a Saviour has taken their place
And love has won?

A world of dying people
Who have forgotten the community of love
What does it mean to think of others better than yourself?
Lost to humanity in so many places
We must show it, who know

Where are the mothers, the fathers?
Those who will forget themselves and forsake their natural desires
Reaching out to many who are orphans
Who know nothing of belonging to a family
Is that you?

My mind has been made up already
My heart cannot and will not turn back
Caring nothing for my reputation or own satisfaction
Souls to win, all my joy, my focus
Eternity in sight.

Belonging to the people
Body, life and soul to them
Given and poured out as a soothing balm
Bringing healing through His precious name.


Stephanie · 22/03/2013 at 04:10

So moving, yes it is about the people. For so long it has just been about my relationship with Jesus and having time to do ministry. It is really about more than that though. It is about pouring our lives into the orphans and others who need someone.

Van · 22/03/2013 at 10:57

Hi Stephanie…thanks for your comments, i can identify so much with your journey. I continue to find the more you reach out to others and let their lives be part of yours then it makes the relationship you have with Jesus and your ministry all the more richer. Vanessa

s0upy · 12/06/2013 at 16:21

Deep and inspiring! Let’s keep reaching out to the many, many people who God brings into our lives.

I found it particularly convicting when you said about forgetting our own ministry etc, and giving ourselves to others. The wine poured out for others to drink. Wow.

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