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Book reviews on celibacy and related issues.

Ever wanted to read a good book about celibacy, or maybe a book about or by a specific celibate man or woman, but not quite known where to look?

Hopefully we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. We have a plan to post up first-hand reviews on lots of good books about this kind of stuff.

If there’s a book you’d like to recommend, let us know in the comments below, or send us an email. Thanks.


Lisa · 10/02/2013 at 16:19

My favorite book is “The mystery of love for the single” by Fr. Dominic J Unger. it is for singles in the is my guide book in this way of life. So positive and helps me see the jewel in this calling.

    s0upy · 11/02/2013 at 18:48

    Sounds really good. Thanks, Lisa. We’ll add it to the list. 🙂

    Lisa Gee · 08/03/2013 at 02:47

    Hello, It me again, Lisa talking a bit more on the book “The mystery of love for the single”. This book is so unique because it speaks to singles who plan on living their lives in the world but remaining single for the kingdom. Here is are just some of the topics covered, spiritual nuptials through perfect chastity, the manner of dedication, perfect chastity is a boon for church and society, career and home life and basic help in safeguarding purity.
    Fr Unger (the author) writes how we as celibates are helping ourselves, the church and the world by living out this vocation to the utmost.
    Here are a few lines to show you what I mean “The heavenly Spouse cares with special solicitude fro those who follow Him in virginal and perfect chastity, He protects them, consoles them, helps them, rejoices their hearts” pg 81
    “Being in the company of Jesus as spouse will mean living with Him in closest spiritual intimacy” 82
    “Precisely because such single men and women are so beneficial to the Church and are such a power for the church’s apostate do the heretics oppose them and persecute them” pg39
    I don’t feel I am doing this book justice, I know for me I was struggle in this calling like walking in the dark, often feeling out of step with the world around me. Then I found this book which I almost didn’t buy because I didn’t like the cover.
    I re-read this book often and always learn something new. I will end with what I wrote on the inside cover when I first finished it ” A great book! A gift from God, the author of all that is good”
    Many blessing to you

jfaire · 11/03/2013 at 19:40

This sounds well worth a read … hey, thanks for this and the detail you’ve provided. Please let us know of any other good books you’ve read.

Elyse · 14/01/2015 at 01:50

Another book to add to the list: Beth Knobbe’s “Party of One: Living Single with Faith, Purpose, and Passion.” She frames her book around virtues such as humility, gratitude, purpose, simplicity, solitude, forgiveness, and community. In doing so, she explores ways that the single life offers both great opportunities to cultivate these gifts as well as challenges to them that single people might struggle with. She also includes anecdotal contributions of many other single people throughout the book, so you get a diversity of witnesses and experiences on these topics. Each chapter also concludes with specific questions for deeper personal reflection. Overall, a very useful, accessible, down-to-earth resource written by someone who has been living a committed single life for over ten years.

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