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Welcome to the Undivided blog.

Back in February 2012, a group of us from the Jesus Fellowship talked about the idea of having a celibates’ blog.  Christian celibacy has been a big, big part of our church for many years; indeed the growth of our church would have been impossible to the same degree without committed celibates.

So, what is Christian celibacy? It involves a deliberate choice to be single for Jesus in order to live as single-mindedly as we can for Him (1 Corinthians 7). We choose it ‘for the sake of the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19: 12). We’re following a great tradition … Paul, Francis, Clare and yes, and don’t forget even most importantly, we’re just following after Him – Jesus of course!

There’s around 250 of us in the Jesus Fellowship; we’re not perfect but we are on one of the most exciting journeys this world can offer us  …  come and read about it on the blog … and yes, please do contribute … just email us with your inspirations:  undivided@jesus.org.uk

The blog will include many topics: stories about old and contemporary heroes of the celibate life, frequently asked questions about celibacy, poems and inspirational snippets on celibacy and more …

Undividedblog was formally launched at the Jesus Fellowship’s national celibates’ event on Monday 10th September 2012. We’ve got other similar events in the future. Hey, everyone’s welcome – do come along!


Eelco · 21/08/2012 at 19:20

I will gladly contribute by giving my story or whatever. Can’t say or promise it would be about how wonderful celibacy is, as I simply haven’t found it all wonderful. It has indeed been, and is a sacrifice to me, though I enjoy how God draws close to me when I come to Him. I hope the raw reality will be accepted.

    jfaire · 23/08/2012 at 14:02

    Hi Eelco

    Yes, would love to hear from you. We can’t promise to put everything on the blog but, seriously, we would love to hear about your experience so it enriches us and we can learn from you. We can all testify that celibacy has brought pains and joys, is not always easy, there’s quite a lot of sacrifice – but, I think, it is and will be worth it!

    I really hope that you find the stories we put on are real, sharing the ups and downs of the celibate life and don’t shy away from pain. Obviously, because we believe celibacy is a gift given by God, they will carry an underlying positivity – hopefully some humour at times too – we’ll be aiming at a good balance.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

nigel gallagher · 22/08/2012 at 21:44

well done stu great site if thwer is enething i can do to help you guys in running things please dont hesita and ask bro bless you all nigel new

    s0upy · 22/08/2012 at 22:30

    Thanks, Nigel, much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the blog. 🙂

Edwin van der Veer · 23/08/2012 at 00:25

I really admire the choice for living a celibate lifestyle. Your goal is definitely to live undivided for Him and I encourage you to do so. I just wanted to react to your statement that Jesus was celibate… Where does the bible say that? How come Christians for centuries have believed that Jesus was single? Nothing in the bible states this opinion. Probably all the discipels were married. We only know that Peter was a married man because the bible mentions his mother-in-law was sick. If she hadn’t become sick we were left out of this personal information… Could this be the case with Jesus? Would this make Him less spiritual or would this change any of the Gospel facts? Now I’m not saying that He wás married, I just want to question unbiblical claims that have been told from generation to generation just because we cannot believe that Jesus, the Son of the living God, became as human as you and me. He needed to go to the bathroom as you and me. I believe this is the power: God became fully human instead of becoming a mystical, half-god/ half-man that couldn’t really relate to us… Think about it;-)
Blessings in all that you do!

    s0upy · 23/08/2012 at 11:37

    Thanks for your comment, Edwin.

    You are right that it doesn’t specifically say in the Bible that Jesus was celibate. But there is strong evidence throughout that backs up the assertion that he lived single and was never married, and most decent historians conclude that he was celibate. There is a good article on http://www.christianity.com which expresses it very well (see here).

    It strikes me that we should probably do a blog post on the subject at some point. Thanks for the idea!

    Personally, I don’t agree that people have made him out to be celibate because they can’t cope with the idea of him being “as human as you and me”. I think it’s more to do with the overall thrust of the New Testament, as well as the specific references cited in the article above, making for a rational, logical deduction based on the evidence (although this can never be taken as absolute proof). I think you’re right to question this issue in the sense that it is unhealthy to believe things just because everyone else has always believed them rather than because we have looked at the evidence and made up our own minds.

    It is an interesting question you raise as to whether it would have changed any of the ‘Gospel facts’ if Jesus were married instead. I’d be interested to hear what people think about that.

    Would he still have been the Son of God? (Yes.)

    Would he still have been able to speak those words and do those miracles? (I don’t see why not.)

    Would he still have been able to die to redeem humanity? (I can’t see why not, but would be open to instruction on this.)

    Would he still have been raised to life on the third day? (No reason why not.)

    Would he have been able to accomplish all that the Father had given him to do? (I’m not so sure.)

    He was as fully human as you and me, even though he was fully divine. Yes, he certainly went to the toilet (although it doesn’t specifically say that in the Bible either!).

    Being celibate or married doesn’t affect how spiritual, or how human, we are. Following Jesus should make us deeply, richly alive to the spiritual, but, in my experience, it also brings us down to earth, with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

    Jesus, the man who came from heaven, was incarnate. And so should we be, whether celibate or not.

    What do you think? What do others think?

      Edwin van der Veer · 23/08/2012 at 12:37

      Thanks for your quick response. I myself am a married follower of Christ (married for 18 years now) I agree that a marriage (and ‘running’ a family) costs a lot of time and effort. But I have also found out that my wife and I complement eachother also in following Christ. I admire people that are making all kinds of sacrifices (like staying single) and two of my friends are in your fellowship (and celibate) I have written a book about the images we can have about Jesus and how He has been portraited throughout the centuries on canvas, in books and movies, but most of all in the different creeds and visions of the different denominational groups. Sometimes it seems that, although they all use the right name (that is ‘Jesus’) but when you look at their description of Him (how they view Him and show Him) it differs from the way I perceive Him. One of the issues in my book is about the difficulty people sometimes have with Jesus’ humanity. Indeed the bible doesn’t speak about Jesus going to the toilet;-) I liked this sentence. But I have personally experienced that people react sometimes offended when I ask a question about Jesus being celibate. In a strange way I don’t believe He was married but I noticed that my adoration for Him grew stronger knowing He had to face the exact same difficulties that I face in daily life. One pastor counselled a young teenager during a group meeting (I was present) and the young guy shared his struggle with being single (and his sexuality, I think) and the pastor answered: “Well, Jesus was single!” The young guy replied: “Easy for Him!” It made me realise how often we think that Jesus was a superman. I personally cannot relate to such a Jesus. Jesus gave up all His royal rights to become like us otherwise His sacrifice on the cross would be meaningless: “Easy for Him.” No, it wasn’t easy. Stated that He was indeed celibate can be a great support to those brothers and sisters that feel led to live celibate: Jesus knows their struggle regarding to intimacy, sexuality and so on because being fully human means He had healthy sexual feelings. I believe He didn’t sin in this area but it would be unfair if He simply couldn’t sin because of Him being ‘super’… Now we can relate to Him in the trust that He truly understands us: He knows the feeling. We often proclaim loudly: ‘Jesus lives!’ He lived life to the fullest not like a sour looking holy-man but He enjoyed life. This was the reason the pharisees were offended by Him because He liked good food and drinks. He didn’t fit in their picture of a holy man. Celibate or married, let’s live our lives to the fullest, showing that it’s all about Jesus. Bless you all! (sorry but the book is only in Dutch: Jezusbeelden en andere verbeeldingen)

jfaire · 23/08/2012 at 16:20

I love this comment: yup, so easy to think that it was easier for Jesus than us … when it wasn’t … in fact it was tough, tough, tough for Him … I find that a great encouragement … we’re in it together … and He understands it ALL .. and feels and shares the pain …

    s0upy · 26/08/2012 at 09:35

    Yes, and it’s important that he lived his life as a Spirit-filled man, vulnerable to all the same trappings as us, yet able to be perfect – otherwise it might feel like we have no chance!

    Thanks, Edwin.

mycelibatelife · 04/02/2013 at 02:15

Hi there…. I am also documenting my personal journey in celibacy on wordpress.. Its good to read your blog!

    s0upy · 12/02/2013 at 04:32

    Thanks. I had a look and enjoyed what I read. I’m sure I’ll call in to see how things progress with your blog.

    Cheers for popping in. Come again! 🙂

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